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    RIP Richard Griffiths (July 31st 1947 - March 28th 2013)

    The English actor, more known for his role as Uncle Vernon in the Harry Potter series, passed away yesterday due to complications after a heart surgery.

    Richard Griffiths has been one of the actors of his generation, brightening the English industry for decades. Although more known for his role in the Harry Potter series as Harry’s mean uncle, Richard Griffiths performed in a number of important movies, tv shows and also on stage. He is considered one of the best actors in the United Kingdom’s cinema history, as well as a fantastic role model and mentor for the new generation. Daniel Radcliffe, for example, considered him one of his mentors both in the Harry Potter series and in the theater play Equus, which they both starred six years ago.

    I had the honor of seeing Richard Griffiths while starring Equus in the West End in 2007. He was an amazing actor and from then on, I put him on my list of “actors who brighten the cinematographic industry”.

    Out of the roles he played, he was always a very kind man, as seen in his interactions with many fans and his interviews during premieres.

    We’ve lost a great actor and a great person. May he rest in peace. The industry will bright a little less from now on, having lost one of its stars.